2018 Alliance Media Release Archive

A comprehensive archive of all calendar year 2018 media releases from the Alliance. Relating to grants and scholarship programs, announcements, and organizational information, this archive represents Daviess, Gibson, Knox, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick County Community Foundations, the 9 Alliance affiliates, as well as the Alliance role of Region 10 Regional Arts Partner of the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC).

7/16: 2018 VANDERBURGH Women’s Fund Grant Cycle Open Media Release [PDF]

6/21: 2018 VANDERBURGH Community Good Grant Awards Media Release [PDF]
6/21: 2018 WARRICK Women’s Fund Awards Media Release [PDF]
6/27: 2018 GIBSON Community Good Grants Cycle Media Release [PDF]

5/9: 2018 KNOX Foundation Awards Media Release [PDF]
5/11: 2018 City of Evansville Endowment Fund (CEEF) Opening of Grant Cycle Media Release [PDF]
5/14: 2018 POSEY Opening of Community Good Grants Program Media Release [PDF]
5/17: 2018 POSEY Women’s Fund Home Tour Promotional Media Release [PDF]
5/21: 2018 POSEY Women’s Fund Grant Awards Media Release [PDF]
5/25: 2018 WARRICK Community Good Grants Program Reception Media Release [PDF]
5/25: 2018 VANDERBURGH Men’s Fund Grant Cycle Open Media Release [PDF]JANUARY
1/17: 2018 IAC Regional Arts Grants Media Release [PDF]

4/12: 2018 VANDERBURGH Community Good Grants Program Media Release [PDF]
4/24: 2018 DAVIESS Community Scholarship Awards Media Release [PDF]


2/15: 2018 DAVIESS Women’s Fund Grant Program Media Release [PDF]

1/24: 2018 GIBSON Betty Ann McCullough Grants Programs Media Release [PDF]