A Way to Celebrate Those Who Have Given to Our Community

To celebrate their gift to the community, the Perry County Community Foundation has created a window display at their office at 817 12th Street in Tell City. The display celebrates the generosity of those who have created funds through the Foundation or have named us in their estate planning.

These donors provide a gift that keeps giving, said Renate Warner, Perry County Community Foundation director.

“It’s the season that many people, more than any other time of year, may think about giving to others. However, we have those in the community throughout the year who have committed to helping others,” Warner noted. “Those are our donors. And we appreciate what they do for our community.”

The display includes paper cutouts of stockings with fund names on them or the name of the individuals who have named the Foundation in their estate. Each stocking indicates a unique wish the donor had to create something meaningful and long lasting.

Donors, who establish new funds, have the liberty of creating the name of the fund. Warner works with the donor to learn about the reason behind the creation of the fund so that Perry County residents, for generations to come, will know why the fund is so special.

Warner noted that many times it’s in memory of a loved one and commemorates something special about that person. She said there is also a fund that was set up in honor of a living person. “Not only are these great tributes to individuals, it’s a great way to help organizations in our community. We also administer close to 30 scholarships that help students attend college. These donors created these funds to help others and we appreciate what they’ve done.”

Warner said Lilly College Intern Martha Thomas created the stockings using materials donated from a crafter.

Before Christmas, these stockings will be delivered to the donors as a keepsake of the Foundation’s appreciation for their gift to the community, Warner said.

Currently, the Foundation has 97 funds that benefit organizations and causes that make Perry County better both now and for generations to come.

Warner indicated that anyone can donate to any of the already established funds, or they may create a new fund that benefits others. She also said that gifts may be made in honor or memory of loved ones, and the Foundation sends notification to family members that a gift has been made.

Warner also encourages you to contact her to discuss your chartable giving. “We are a unique organization. We exist to help connect people in our community to give back to causes they care most about,” Warner said. “You can write a check to an organization and once they use it, it is gone. Instead, we help you create a fund that is invested and a portion is granted to the organization and cause you select. There is a portion held in the fund that is invested each year so that your fund can give money each year and help our community…forever.”

Also, thanks to the generosity of the Lilly Endowment, gifts to the Foundation may be eligible for a 50 cents on the dollar or dollar for dollar match. “It depends on the type of fund a person wants to donate to,” Warner said. She also noted there is a time limit on the matching program so she encourages individuals who are interested to contact her as soon as possible.

For a complete list of funds, visit the website at: https://www.communityfoundationalliance.org/perry/perry-family-of-funds/ .

Donations may be made online by visiting the home website at: https://www.communityfoundationalliance.org/perry/and clicking the “Donate” button.

For more information, feel free to contact Warner at 812.547.3176 or renate@perrycommunityfoundation.org.