City Of Evansville Endowment Fund (CEEF) Now Accepting Letters Of Inquiry For Annual Grants

Evansville, Indiana–The City of Evansville Endowment Fund (CEEF) is now accepting Letters of Inquiry for capital projects that serve the City of Evansville. The CEEF mission is to assist nonprofit charitable organizations in Evansville. In 2018, the CEEF awarded grants totaling $426,871 to 22 nonprofit organizations in Evansville.

Only nonprofit organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) will be considered for funding. Applicant organizations must serve within the city limits of Evansville, Indiana. At least 60% of grant funding will be distributed for activities to support or benefit the 4th and 6th wards of the City of Evansville. Proposals will be considered to enable nonprofit organizations to:

  • Acquire, construct, or renovate permanent facilities used to provide social and community-based services and activities.
  • Construct or renovate facilities that promote the arts, culture, and/or tourism. Construct or renovate parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities that are designed for the public.
  • Acquire, for neighborhood revitalization, property that is blighted, appropriate for rehabilitation, or needed for the development of housing for low- to moderate-income persons.
  • Supplement or replenish existing municipally operated loan programs in pursuit of new economic development opportunities.

Qualified organizations are invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry by June 29, 2019, by completing the online Letter of Inquiry form. Funding guidelines and eligibility details, application instructions, and the link to the online grant management system can be found on the Alliance website.

The concept of the City of Evansville Endowment Fund (CEEF) originated in 1994, when then-Mayor Frank McDonald II and the City Council proposed that $5 million of gaming boat revenue be invested to serve the City of Evansville forever. The CEEF was subsequently established as a supporting organization of the Community Foundation Alliance, Inc., with annual earnings allowed for grantmaking each year. The CEEF is administered by the Alliance, and a separate board of directors oversees all CEEF governance and grantmaking decisions.

For additional questions, contact Melinda Waldroup, Alliance Program Director at (812) 429-1191 or by email at