County Specific Topics

Topic Selection

Considering all information gathered thus far during the planning grant process, each County Advisory Board selected a single topic as their focus for the implementation grant proposal.

Stakeholder Meetings

The Community Foundation Alliance held community stakeholder meetings in each county to determine potential roles, responsibilities, and commitments of participating organizations as they look to improve the topic selected (above).  During the meetings, stakeholders also discussed specific challenges as well as community assets relating to the topic and identified projects that could positively impact that topic through the implementation grant.

Implementation Grant Opportunity

As a satisfactory participant in the Lilly Endowment GIFT VII planning grant phase, each affiliate of the Community Foundation Alliance was eligible to submit a proposal request for the implementation grant. The Endowment expects that the implementation grant funding will directly address the topic (above) chosen by each County Advisory Board, during the planning grant phase.

With the help and input from community stakeholders, each affiliate developed a plan for its implementation grant proposal. Proposals were submitted in March of 2020. The Endowment is in the process of reviewing proposals and will notify community foundations of its decisions during the Summer of 2020. With the help of the Endowment, we plan to continue supporting ongoing community impact projects and Leading Change for generations to come.