In 2019, through a generous Community Leadership Planning Grant from Lilly Endowment, as part of the Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow initiative (GIFT VII), the Community Foundation Alliance received the opportunity, funding, and support to:

  • Identify and evaluate the needs and assets of each community served by our nine affiliate Foundations,
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what each Foundation’s role should be within their community,
  • Strengthen relationships with existing local agencies and organizations, to create more robust and engaged collaboration,
  • Build local leadership capacity, through strengthening our affiliate Foundations’ own internal skills and processes, and
  • Prioritize and develop ideas to address our Alliance communities’ most pressing challenges – and their most promising opportunities!

Our Purpose

Key regional and county data compiled and utilized throughout this Planning Grant process is being made available here as a public resource to help inform future needs assessments, community initiatives, and regional projects.

Our Partners

We engaged two firms in assisting with the identification, evaluation, and analysis of the data necessary to evaluate the needs and opportunities of our region and communities.


Planning Grant Process

GIFT VII planning grants supported a comprehensive planning process. This allowed the Community Foundation Alliance to utilize these grant dollars to contract with Chmura to collect and compile data, and Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA) to lead the planning process. 

Chmura and the Alliance provided data for TPMA to conduct a comprehensive document review and community engagement process.  This led to the identification of top priorities and actionable ideas for each of the nine affiliates of the Community Foundation Alliance.  The purpose of this work was to gain a clear understanding of the challenges facing each county, and subregion, to inform grant-writing efforts. 

The following steps were taken during the planning grant process: