Couple Creates Fund to Benefit Community Now and Forever

For Brent and Mary K. Cardinal, giving back to their community is something they feel strongly about. Of course there are many ways to give back right now. But what about 50 years from now? 100 years? The Cardinals wanted a way to give back for generations to come, and they will do just that through their newly created Community Good fund created through the Perry County Community Foundation.

The Cardinal-Smith-Etienne Fund will provide grant dollars to the community’s greatest needs, meaning grants will be provided to projects in Perry County based on its ever-changing needs. And since it’s an endowed fund through the community foundation, it will do that in perpetuity.

The Cardinals had several reasons for creating this fund. One reason is they wanted to inspire others to do as they did. “You don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist,” Mary K. said. “Through the Foundation, we can make a meaningful gift to the community that will give back much more than initially invested.”

Brent and Mary K. also felt it was a natural fit to donate during the Foundation’s Lilly Endowment GIFT Phase VI matching period. Gifts to Community Good funds are eligible for a dollar for dollar match through the match period. That means for each donation made to any Foundation Community Good fund, a matching amount of money will be placed into the same fund.

Another reason the Cardinals created the fund is because the community has been good to them, and they in turn want to improve the quality of life in Perry County for generations to come. By providing funding for ever-changing needs in the community, the Cardinals are making a difference today –  and into the future.

Creating the Cardinal-Smith-Etienne Fund afforded this family the opportunity to honor their  Perry County roots. The fund will keep the Cardinal, Smith and Etienne names and legacy alive in our community forever.

For Good. Forever. That’s what this fund is all about!