Dana Winklepleck, NBC 2 News Anchor, Takes Women’s Fund Donors “Behind the Scenes”

August 15, 2014.  Washington, Indiana.

News anchor Dana Winklepleck was in Washington on Thursday and women of all ages went “behind the scenes” of the newsroom and heard her thoughts on how women can be empowered.

Winklepleck was the keynote speaker for the annual Dessert before Dinner of the Daviess County Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund. The event took place at the Padaco event facility in Washington. Co-sponsored by German American Bank, a variety of desserts were on the menu.

A well-known television personality and experienced broadcaster, Winklepleck presented a motivating talk about her personal journey in the field of broadcasting. The 100 women attending learned her insights to empower women to achieve fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.