Daviess Advisory Board

The County Advisory Board works locally to focus on asset development, learning about the community’s charitable needs and nonprofits working to meet them, and awarding grants and scholarships. All recommendations made by the County Advisory Boards must be presented to the Alliance Board of Directors for final approval. At least 1 County Advisory Board member from each affiliate serves as a county representative on the Alliance Board.

2018 Advisory Board Members

James Pearson (President)
Linda Myers (Vice President)
Elaine Wellman (Secretary)

Chance Berry
Douglas Bubalo
Mary Dee Ryan
John Dudenhoeffer (Alliance county representative)
David Frette
Kathryn Havill
Carolyn Jones
Paula Jones
Alex Knepp
Travis Madison
Cindy Mason
James Norton
Daniel Roach
Glenda Scudder (Alliance county representative)
Joe Singleton


Primary Advisory Board Member Expectations

  • Collect and analyze data on the charitable needs of the County.
  • Serve as an ambassador for both the Alliance and the Foundation in the local community.
  • Help to develop and implement an annual asset development plan to build endowments.
  • Identify and recommend potential donors.
  • Determine how revenue from endowments should be distributed, consistent with donors’ intent and the charitable needs of the community.
  • Financially support the Foundation.
  • Attend a minimum of 60% of the scheduled County Advisory Board meetings a year.
  • Actively participate in the work, projects, functions, and events of the Community Foundation.

These are only some of the most important roles and expectations of all county Advisory Board members.
Advisory Board responsibilities support the Strategic Plan of the Alliance, but are separate and distinct from those of the Alliance Board of Directors.