Women’s Fund of Gibson County

What is the Women’s Fund of Gibson County?Womens-Fund-Logo-Gibson

The Women’s Fund of Gibson County is an initiative begun by a core group of women in Gibson County to bring women together to improve the quality of life for Gibson County’s residents. This is accomplished by collectively funding significant grants to charitable initiatives with the same purpose.

What is our mission?

We seek to make resources available for causes of interest to women, to foster among women a sense of empowerment and philanthropy, and to increase awareness throughout the community of the importance of women’s issues.

How does it work?

Both a permanent endowment fund and a nonpermanent fund have been established with the Gibson County Community Foundation. The permanent fund will build a legacy that will impact the lives of residents in Gibson County forever! In the meantime, the nonpermanent fund will provide a significant grant to make a difference in the community in the coming year.

How can I participate?

Donations of any size are accepted. However, an individual who contributes $250 or more within the fiscal year to the WFGC shall be a voting member of the Fund. A donor group may be formed of two or more individuals who give a combined total of $250 or more within the fiscal year. Each donor group shall be considered as one voting member of the Fund and shall designate one representative for communication and voting purposes. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Unless otherwise stated, contributions will be credited equally in the permanent and nonpermanent funds in order to make a difference TODAY and FOREVER!

What does it mean to be a voting member of the Women’s Fund?

A voting member will be any donor who contributes $250 or more within the fiscal year. At the end of each grant cycle, an annual meeting of the membership will be held. Four grantee finalists will be invited to make a presentation about their grant proposal. Each member has the right to cast her vote for the recipient of the grant award at the annual meeting or by proxy if unable to attend. The winner of the grant will be determined by majority vote of the fund members and announced at the annual meeting.

What is the Women’s Fund Advisory Board?

The advisory board assumes the responsibility for organizing and overseeing the solicitation of contributions to the fund, membership activity, annual meeting, and grantmaking deliberations and recommendations.

This is a great idea! Sign me up! Who should I contact?

Please contact Rachel Purviance, Regional Director of Development for the Gibson County Community Foundation, by email at rpurviance@communityfoundationalliance.org or 812-686-7546.

Women’s Fund Advisory Board

Sharon Eifert
Linda Folsom
Perri Hedges – Chair
Sandy Nixon – Vice Chair
Caren Richeson
Sherri Smith
Karen Thompson
Shara Walker