Invest in the Future of the Community You Love

Gene and Christina Schwindel both came from hard-working families who learned how to make a dollar stretch to provide for their families and still have enough to share. Even as a youngster, Christina recalls her mother would grow lots of tomato plants so she could share with neighbors. Someone once suggested that her mother could make more money if she would sell the extra plants. Her mother, Christina remembers, said that it felt better to share.

So in 1996, when Gene won the lottery, it didn’t come as a surprise that the Schwindels chose do something they’d only dreamed of doing: create a scholarship to benefit local students. After talking with their accountant, they decided the Spencer County Community Foundation would provide the perfect vehicle to carry out their vision. They were attracted to the idea of endowment, knowing that with the Foundation’s prudent stewardship of their gift, its proceeds would provide scholarships forever. They could leave a legacy that would last well beyond their own lifetimes.

Gene, Christina and their children take great satisfaction in knowing they are helping students achieve their educational goals. Chris beamed, “I just love reading the thank-you notes. The kids seem so appreciative. Sometimes they even write letters telling us about their dreams for the future.” The Schwindel family has truly found a meaningful way to share its good fortune: by investing in the future of the community they love.