Invest in the Future of the Community You Love

Like many who reside in Posey County, Edgar and Marguerite Bostick were transplants to Mount Vernon via General Electric. They came to love the community and raised a family here. Dr. Bostick had served on the scholarship committee at the Posey County Community Foundation and saw the value of endowments, embracing the community foundation’s motto, “For Good. Forever.” So in 1998, he and Marguerite established the Dr. Edgar E. & Marguerite C. Bostick Family Fund, a donor-advised fund that allowed them to recommended charitable recipients each year.

Since its creation, over $10,000 in gifts has been distributed into the community from the fund, including donations to Family Matters, an agency that connects low income families to resources at the Moutn Vernon Homeless Shelter. Dr. Bostick has passed on, but Marguerite and her family remain active in making gifts to those organizations they know need it the most. Philanthropy was taught to the Bostick children through their parents, and they continue the education through their own families, ensuring the generosity of the Bostick Family Fund will continue forever.