Women’s Fund


Sisters In Service

Sisters In Service is a program initiative of the Knox County Community Foundation and focuses on women in philanthropy. The mission of Sisters In Service is to establish, through giving circles, endowment fund(s) that enrich lives of women and girls in Knox County, now and for the future. Giving circles currently underway include:

Material Girls: quilters and crafters share their common interests while using their talents to help the Women in Philanthropy effort.

Money Matters: connects women who have found themselves unexpectedly facing their family’s financial decisions with professional financial planners for advice and support.

TRYathlon: women promote a healthier lifestyle while promoting the Women in Philanthropy effort at the same time.

Silent Circle: women who believe in SIS and want to have a positive effect on women’s issues in our community, but have time constraints that won’t allow them to be a part of a more active giving circle.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: connects women, particularly widows and singles, who have a desire to support each other through companionship.

Want to join a giving circle? Have an idea for another kind of circle? We welcome your input. Contact us with your ideas or to learn more.