Target Lasting Change

Thanks to the generosity and vision of our donors, the Knox County Community Foundation has embarked on a new initiative aimed at expanding our community impact in a more strategic and targeted way. It’s called the Target Lasting Change Initiative.

Our Purpose

Target Lasting Change supports efforts to create transformative community change in Knox County. The Community Foundation concentrates resources on areas of critical need and could play various roles including grantmaker, convener, community organizer and/or knowledge broker. There is no formal application process. The Community Foundation will initiate grants and seek collaborative partners and funders when appropriate (initially, grants will be awarded every two years).

Activities Funded

Unmet needs in the community will be identified based on studies and reports, such as the 4-Communities partnership facilitated by the Knox County United Way, and through interactions within the community. Priority will be given to those projects for which the Community Foundation’s investment will produce a long-term, measurable impact on the organizaiton and the community. Results will be monitored closely and a significant partnership will be established between the Community Foundation and the supported agency or agencies. An impact analysis will be used to measure the overall benefit to the community.

Project Criteria

  • Addresses a critical community need
  • Focuses on “systems” rather than “symptoms”
  • Promises significant long-term impact on a large number of people
  • Involves multiple organizations in developing and implementing a shared solution
  • Lifts up and empowers the grantee and the community
  • Is focused, well-defined and likely to be implemented successfully
  • Includes clear outcomes, work plans and measures of success
  • Is likely to be sustained after grant
  • Leverages other resources (other funds, volunteer labor, community partnerships)

First Grant Award

Our choice of issue and recipient organization is based on compelling data: drug and alcohol addiction has been identified as one of the most problematic issues facing Knox County and, in fact, all of Southwestern Indiana. In 2007, there were 122 filings in Superior Court 1, more than twice the number in 2006. Of these filings, 75 percent were drug-related cases. It should come as no surprise that such cases go on to impact families: in 2007, the Knox County Department of Child Services reported that 113 children were placed in protective custody, nearly double the number in 2006. The cost of arresting, trying, and housing just one inmate in our community is $35,000 per year. Clearly, our community has an escalating problem that needs strong intervention to negate the impact of drugs and alcohol addictions in Knox County. For these reasons and more, the Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to the organization Life After Meth, or LAM.

About LAM

LAM is a faith-based charitable organization whose purpose is to work in the Knox County Jail and within our community with those who are serious about overcoming their drug and alcohol addictions. One of the keys to targeting lasting change is to involve the entire community in the solution, and LAM has made significant progress toward engaging numerous organizations on the local level, as well as on the state and national levels. LAM’s leadership is strong, and the Community Model program which is in place in the Knox County Jail makes sense. Inmates volunteer for the program and receive no promised perks for their participation. Important concepts for creating permanent change in the participants are studied, discussed, and applied to daily life. A solid follow-up program is also a part of LAM’s plan for creating change in the lives of those involved. Parenting classes, employment services, reconnected families, and support groups for those who have graduated from the program are all a part of the solution to this community-wide problem.