National Standards

The National Standards Seal by our name indicates official confirmation from the Council on Foundations and the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance that we have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. It affirms our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability. It says our grantmaking includes an open, competitive process designed to address the changing needs of our community. The National Standards Seal also confirms our history of honoring donors’ wishes—to support the arts, cultivate gardens, help the homeless, cure illness, expand literacy, feed children, and countless other important causes.

The National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations Program was established in 2000 in cooperation with the Council on Foundations. National Standards guide community foundations in establishing legal, ethical and effective operational practices that serve as blueprints for internal development and benchmarks for external assessment. The 43 National Standards require that we document our policies in donor services, investment management, grantmaking and administration. To receive confirmation of National Standards compliance, the Community Foundation Alliance submitted its organizational and financial policies and procedures to a rigorous peer review.