American Colloid Company/2013 Perry County Leadership Class Career Path Fund (ACC LPC Fund)

With support from the American Colloid Company, the 2013 Leadership Perry County (LPC) class has established an endowment fund with the Perry County Community Foundation to support the Advanced Management and Logistics class included in the “Hire Technology” program offered at Perry Central Jr. Sr. High and Tell City Jr. Sr. High.  The program targets students who will enter the workforce after high school graduation and helps them explore a variety of career paths.

The idea for the endowment fund developed as the 2013 Leadership Perry County class brainstormed opportunities for its required community project.  Initially, the class wanted to help local students learn about future careers, but the implementation of the plan didn’t seem feasible.  Instead, the class helped design and purchase art work and display boards highlighting tourist areas and a time line depicting historical events of Perry County for the new Perry County Visitor and Event Center—The Depot.

However, the original idea was not forgotten.  Class participant Tracey Coyle, plant manager at American Colloid Company (ACC) and 2013 LPC member, had participated in the ACC Troy plant’s “Run for Your Mother” Mother’s Day 5K event the previous year and saw the opportunity to link the event to LPC Class.  Because of its strong emphasis on local community involvement, ACC wanted to grow the race from the small participation it had in its inaugural year.  The company knew it needed more volunteers to accomplish this, and the Leadership Perry County class needed funding to support its class project.  With the hard work of the ACC employees and the assistance of the LPC class, the 2013 Run for Your Mother grew to 256 participants.

Both groups committed to holding the event annually with the proceeds used to fund the “American Colloid Company/2013 Leadership Perry County Career Path Fund” with the Perry County Community Foundation.  Foundation director Renate Warner is enthusiastic about the partnership that generated the fund. She also noted Tracey’s leadership in pulling these two groups together and noted how the leadership class pulled together to help the community.

Tracey gives a great amount of credit to American Colloid Company for helping with the fund. She has worked for the company for 15 years. “It is a great company to work for, that truly cares about its employees and community and I am blessed with a wonderful team at the Troy Plant,” she said. “Being a member of the 2013 Leadership class gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Perry County and I was able to form some bonds with another group of great people. I am very proud to be able to have had a hand in helping create this partnership.”

The partnership created something that will always impact the community. “Each year, a portion of the earnings of the fund will be distributed to each school to support classes that impact students,” Warner said. “That’s something both the American Colloid Company and Leadership Perry County can be proud of.”

Members of the 2013 LPC class included Tracey Coyle, Lynne Rice, Jim Adams, Jody French, Gloria Allen, Kimberly Lasher, Thomas Patrick, Danny Bolin, Bev Minto, Emily Winter, Michael Hubert and Marty Haughee.  The 2014 Run for Your Mother is scheduled for Sunday, May 11.

Members of the 2013 Leadership Perry County Class recently created an endowment through the Perry County Community Foundation that will benefit students at Perry Central and Tell City high schools. The fund was created with the support of the American Colloid Company. Members of the LPC, American Colloid Company staff, Perry Central and Tell City high school representatives and Perry County Community Foundation Board of Trustee members celebrated their fund establishing gift of $2,000.