Jo Ann Lutgring Fund

Life-long Perry County resident Jo Ann Lutgring spends a good deal of her time helping with the charities that serve people in her county. Jo Ann has been involved with the St. Marks Church and has been a volunteer for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Right to Life, and the Council of Agencies. She has helped deliver meals prepared at the Harvest House men’s shelter to the elderly and to others who have difficulty preparing a hot meal.

People who know Jo Ann, though, know that her strongest motivation is children. After losing her husband Charles, Jo Ann raised five children and boasts many grandchildren. It is her love for them that inspires Jo Ann to volunteer further with programs targeting young people. She has volunteered at Perry Central School for the Lights On Tutoring program, and has been a volunteer with Matrix Lifeline where she referred teenagers and women facing life choices to agencies that could help them.

When asked about the time and effort she dedicates to her fellow residents, Jo Ann just laughs and shrugs off any praise. “Perry County is my home and I love it,” she says, “If I can help other people while living in the greatest place in the world, why shouldn’t I do my share?”  Some might argue that Jo Ann is doing more than her share but, of course, she wouldn’t have things any other way.

It was this same devotion to her community that moved Jo Ann to create a donor-advised fund with the Perry County Community Foundation. Like other endowed charitable funds, donor-advised funds create yearly grants that provide a permanent resource for communities. People like Jo Ann choose this type of fund because it allows them to research—on their own or with the help of the Community Foundation—how and where the fund’s grants can have the greatest impact from year to year.  Donor-advised funds are attractive to donors who enjoy recommending how the fund’s grants will be distributed while leaving administrative responsibilities to their Community Foundation.