John Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

John WilliamsOn September 25th, 2008, our family had an event that every parent worries about, but prays will never happen. I received a call at the hospital, where I work, informing me that John, my second son had been involved in a motorcycle accident. Of my two boys, John was always the one who exaggerated his injuries and illnesses, so I was sure he wasn’t as bad as the first responders had indicated, after all he was talking with his dad and brother, Logan at the scene of the accident. Our family has all rode motorcycles for years and John was the best rider of us all. I knew he would be okay. But he wasn’t. He died of injuries from the accident on the way to the hospital. John was the happiest child from the day he was born. As he grew up, he never met a stranger. He talked to everyone he met and made lots and lots of friends. John loved anything with a motor. Many things he took apart, most things he put back together. He loved working on vehicles, 4-wheelers and motorcycles as well as trading vehicles. John loved going to Perry Central, but maybe not for the right reasons! He loved the social life of school. His favorite class was the automotive vocational class at TCHS taught by Mr. Glen Goffinet. After taking this class for two years, he chose to attend Nashville Auto Diesel College continuing his love of working with vehicles.

After graduating, John ran Tell City Muffler. John was loved by so many people. As his parents and brother, Jim Logan and I wanted to do our best to keep John’s memory alive. That is why we chose to start a scholarship for a Perry County Senior who is attending a vocational school. We chose to give to a Perry County student as Jim graduated from TCHS; I graduated from CHS and our boys from PCHS as well as the fact that John had many friends from all over our county. Our family hopes that others are spared of losing a child. We want to keep the flame of John’s life burning and hope that by establishing this scholarship, his memory will be alive year after year when his scholarship is presented to a worthy Perry County senior.

-Earla Williams