Mildred Wempe Memorial Fund

The Clayton Harris Methodist Church in Tobinsport created a fund in memory of one of their late members to celebrate her accomplishments as a nurse.

Below is the store behind the creation of this scholarship fund, as written by members of the church:

“Mildred Wempe was a Registered Nurse who lived in Tobinsport, Indiana, a large part of her life. She was born in Hancock County, Kentucky, on November 20th, 1887, and taught school in the Kentucky Public School System from 1908 to 1917, before entering nursing school at Louisville General Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where she graduated in 1921.

After graduating from nursing school, she worked as a hospital administrator for 17 years in Bedford, Indiana. In 1938, she resigned from Louisville General to reside on the family farm near Tobinsport and nurse her husband, Arthur, through a long illness. After his death in 1953, she returned to her nursing profession at Perry County Memorial Hospital, remaining there as a nurse until her retirement in 1967, just three months before her 80th birthday.

Mrs. Wempe was very generous to our church and was obviously a very dedicated nurse. For these reasons, our congregation has chosen to give a yearly scholarship to a nursing student in memory of Mildred Wempe.”