Perry County 4-H Scholarship Fund

Evelyn Adams treasures the grandfather clock presented to her after she retired from the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service in 1995. After 35 years of serving her community as an extension educator working with the 4-H and homemaker services programs, her friends and associates knew she would enjoy the clock and offered it to her as thanks for her many years of service and leadership for their community. They also gave her a gift of cash, which they hoped she would use toward something more personal for herself, and that’s exactly what she did.

She created the Perry County 4-H Scholarship Fund through the Perry County Community Foundation. A trustee of the Foundation at the time, Adams understood how she could use the gift she had been given to give right back to her community.

‘I truly believe in the mission [of the Foundation]. In addition, I knew a scholarship would encourage the youth in the county to pursue higher education,” she said, and “I wanted a way to encourage students to dream big dreams and also support Perry County to make it a better place.”

Adams and her husband, David, have continued to help the fund grow throughout the years with memorial gifts. Their actions have prompted others in the community to support the fund with gifts of their own.