Raintree Girl Scout Council Fund for Perry County

She loved the concept of the community foundation, so when a large gift was left to the organization she oversees, it was a natural fit for Jan Davies to partner with the Perry County Community Foundation.

Davies has been with the Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana since 1973. When a large gift was given to the Girl Scouts, the gift created through the Foundation the Raintree Girl Scout Council Fund for Perry County. Davies stated that they were very interested in becoming a part of the Perry County Community Foundation because the Girl Scouts have property, Camp Henry F. Koch, in Perry County. She said that over the years the Girl Scouts have invested many of their resources in the camp, have employed Perry County citizens to work at the camp and have purchased goods and service from Perry County to use at camp. In return the Perry County community has been very supportive of the Girl Scouts. “We see our investment in the community foundation as an investment in Perry County,” she said.

Davies believes in the Foundation and how it gives back. “I am impressed and pleased that the community foundation concept permits community people to study and recognize their community’s needs and problems and to seek solutions to meet the needs and solve the problems the community has identified,” she said. ‘Often solving problems and meeting needs requires money. The community foundation also raises money to reinvest in the community.”