St. Martin of Tours Fund

Remembering someone through a special gift is what prompted Marlene Oser to start a fund through the Foundation. When her husband Raymond Ernst passed away in 1993, the Perry County Community Foundation was being formed at the same time. Marlene’s brother, Roman Ubelhor, was on the original board and had asked her if she wanted to set up a memorial fund. She decided that would be a great way to remember Raymond, so she created a fund that would memorialize her late husband and would benefit her church, St. Martin’s of Tours.

The church is very close to her heart, and while small with approximately 50 families, she felt the fund would benefit the church.

When discussing the church and the impact it has on the community, one would need to look no further than the church’s Food Pantry, St. Martin’s Cloak. This is a project in which she and her current husband Leroy are very passionate. Marlene explained that the food pantry began in 1993 and was eventually run by her and Leroy. She stated that the Food Pantry is called St. Martin’s Cloak because it reminds them of St. Martin. St. Martin saw a beggar who was in need of clothing, so he removed part of his cloak and gave it to the beggar. This beggar was actually Christ.

Each year money is granted back to the church thanks to this fund, which remembers a special man and helps a special church.