Pike County Community Foundation Implementation Grant Update


Through an active stakeholder engagement process including data and document review, community leader forums, and issue-specific stakeholder meetings, the Pike County Community Foundation selected increased economic opportunity as its top priority to address with GIFT VII Implementation Grant funds to align with existing work in the community. Due to a lack of jobs and skilled workforce, exacerbated by low industry diversity and the limited number of large employers in the area surrounding Pike County, community leaders believe workforce training and diversification in the economy is needed to align Pike County workers’ skills to industry needs. As coal and power plant jobs leave the community each year, training and retraining become vitally important. It was determined that a workforce for the next generation is needed, and therefore, the Community Foundation will utilize the Gift VII Implementation Grant funds to help Pike Central High School expand its CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs.

Collaborating Organizations

Implementation Grant Recipient:
Pike County School Corporation

Key Partners:
Pike County School Corporation
Pike Central High School
Elmer Buchta Trucking
Sisson Steel Inc.
Benner & Co. Heat and Air
Elmer Buchta Technology Center
City of Petersburg
Town of Winslow

Activity Update

During the 2020-21 school year, the Fire Science program hired an instructor, and the class had its first students. The school corporation is in the process of hiring instructors for the other CTE programs (Diesel Technology, HVAC, and Electrical, as well as a newly added program, Mechanical Drawing). In addition, a local fire department donated a fire truck to be used in the Fire Science program. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted project implementation, it is anticipated that additional progress will be made with the start of the 2021-22 school year.