Pike County Grassroots Initiative

Grassroots Initiative

The Pike County Community Foundation has embarked on an ambitious initiative to engage the community in building a permanent resource devoted to Pike County. It’s called the Pike County Grassroots Initiative, and its goal is to build a one-million-dollar endowment by 2017 — one hundred dollars at a time.

To meet their goal, the board will ask one thousand donors to commit to giving a $100 gift every year for ten years. The donations will be added to the Pike County Grassroots Unrestricted Fund, a permanent fund that will be used to support all sorts of endeavors to improve the quality of life in the county and that will have the flexibility to adapt to needs and opportunities as they change over time. Because the fund will be endowed, donors’ gifts will never be spent-only the proceeds of the fund will be awarded as grants.

Even during the ten years the Pike County Grassroots Unrestricted Fund grows to its targeted one million dollars, it will allow for annual grantmaking. Nonprofit organizations will be invited to submit proposals for charitable projects that serve Pike County and its people. The Foundation’s grants committee will review and rank each proposal and award grants to those determined to serve the greatest needs or to offer the greatest improvements in the community.

Potential grants would serve a wide range of needs, such as access to child care and health care for the underserved, services that provide for the hungry and homeless, programs to improve the county environment and landscape, and so much more.

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