Posey County Community Foundation Implementation Grant Update


Through an active stakeholder engagement process including data and document review, community leader forums, and issue-specific stakeholder meetings, the Posey County Community Foundation selected the cycle of poverty as its top priority to address with GIFT VII Implementation Grant funds to align with existing work in the community. Community leaders discussed the need to increase education, access to financial capital, and connections of those living in poverty to help disrupt the cycle of poverty.

With GIFT VII Implementation Grant monies, the Posey County Community will provide funding for several programs/projects to address the cycle of poverty. Funding will support:

1. Implementation of the GAIN Initiative at Family Matters of Posey County to increase relationships for individuals living in poverty, increase access to resources, and provide training to increase financial self-sufficiency;

2. Professional development for faculty and staff in Posey County school districts on effective interaction with students who are living in poverty presented by Dr. Ruby Payne, a leading expert in the culture of poverty and its relation to education;

3. Marketing dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Posey County to help attract more volunteers to be matched with children in the program; and

4. Three afterschool programs (Making Gigantic Improvement in Choices (MAGIC), Thrive, Mt. Vernon Parks and Recreation Tutoring Program) aimed at providing students with mentoring, tutoring, and educational field trip opportunities.

Collaborating Organizations

Implementation Grant Recipients:
Family Matters of Posey County
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Thrive Afterschool Program
Mt. Vernon Parks and Recreation Department Tutoring Program
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church MAGIC Afterschool Program

Key Partners:
Bethel Township Trustee
Family Matters of Posey County
Neighbor to Neighbor Program
Posey County Habitat for Humanity
Willow Tree of Posey County

Activity Update

Although the COVID-19 pandemic had stalled our initiative due to gathering and travel restrictions, programming has begun with the implementation of the GAIN Initiative at Family Matters of Posey County, and Dr. Ruby Payne’s Emotional Poverty presentation to school districts scheduled for July 28, 2021. Other projects and programs are anticipated to begin with the start of the 2021-22 school year.