Women’s Fund Grant Program

Funding requests are accepted once each year according to our grant cycle.  Funding requirements may change from year to year; therefore, grantseekers are advised to revisit this page prior to beginning the grant application process.

Grant Cycle 

We consider funding requests for grants on a yearly cycle which typically begins each January. The requirements and instructions provided here are to be considered current and accurate only for the duration of the Women’s Fund’s grant cycle, which runs from January through May each year. Applications will be accepted from the January announcement date through the February deadline.  Applications submitted after the February deadline will not be considered.


The Women’s Fund of Posey County welcomes funding requests from non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and from governmental agencies serving Posey County women and children. Funding requests from other non-profit organizations to carry out charitable projects or activities that address issues facing women and children in Posey County may be accepted.

Fiscal Sponsors

Applications submitted by an entity under the auspices of another agency must include a written statement signed by the agency’s board president on behalf of the board of directors agreeing to act as the entity’s fiscal sponsor, to receive grant monies if awarded, and to oversee the proposed project.

Project Areas Funded by the Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund of Posey County is used to make yearly grants to support a variety of projects or programs serving women and children in Posey County, such as programs that prevent domestic violence, secure family-supporting jobs, promote health and education, and develop confidence. The programs or projects for which funding is being requested must address the needs and opportunities which support the Fund’s mission of providing opportunities, encouragement, knowledge and hope to our community’s women and children.


The Women’s Fund Steering Committee will review funding requests and will contact grant applicants for an interview.  Once interviews have concluded, the Steering Committee will make its recommendations on funding to the Community Foundation. No lobbying or soliciting of Steering Committee or Board members will be permitted.

Reporting Procedures

If the funding request is approved, the organization may be required to submit a final report at project completion.