Women’s Fund

Womens-Fund-Logo-PoseyThe Women’s Fund of Posey County is about strong, caring, and focused women determined to make a difference in the community in which they live and serve.

Throughout history, women have shaped the world as national leaders, advocates for social justice, scientists, authors, teachers, and healers. Every day, women make positive contributions to the world, and when visionary women work together around a common cause, they have an even greater impact – like the Women’s Fund of Posey County.

In 2004, a group of visionary women started the Women’s Fund as a permanent resource to support local programs that give opportunities, encouragement, knowledge and hope to our community.  The Women’s Fund of Posey County is our voice for the present and our gift to the future.

The Women’s Fund is used to make yearly grants supporting a variety of resources serving Posey County.  Funded programs include preventing domestic violence, promoting health and education and, developing life skills in children.

For more information about the Women’s Fund contact Monica Spencer, Foundation Director, at 812-838-0288.  Click on the “Donate Now” icon at the top of this page to make a donation to the Women’s Fund of Posey County.

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 Women’s Fund Advisory Board

Judy Alsop
Susan Beuligmann
Susan Blackburn
Linda Doerflein
Linda Hawley
Genise Huey
Trudy Moye
Jaina Paciorkowski
Connie Pearce
Cheryl Potter
Ruth Redman
Gail Robb
Cindy Scheller
Charlotte Thomas
Amelia Vanover
Holly Watzlavik
Sandra Wenderoth
Lou Ann Woodford