Jeremy Weil Memorial Art Scholarship

Annual scholarship created by Mark and Deborah Weil in memory of their son. Jeremy was born in Evansville, Indiana on July 26, 1980.  Even at an early age, Jeremy excelled in art.  His early drawings were cartoons — his first was a mouse.  His talent was obvious, even in second grade, and his parents encouraged his abilities.  It is said that artistic talent is not in the hand but in the eye, and Jeremy had a keen eye.  Jeremy progressed to pastel charcoals through B.J. Goetz and private art lessons, but he did not stop there.  He also took lessons in photography and pottery, and his work was exhibited at several art and science expos, where he won first-place awards.  While attending the University of Southern Indiana, he continued to study all artistic media, such as wood, pottery, photography, and graphic design.  Several of his pieces were sold at USI’s annual art show.  Jeremy made jewelry and origami, and he could carve intricate designs on pumpkins.  He also did graphic design work for a small business by creating its letterhead.  While visiting Florida with friends, Jeremy died in an accidental drowning.  He is now in the hearts and memories of those who love him. Before he entered the water someone asked Jeremy why he was in Florida and his response was, “to experience life.”  Jeremy’s favorite motto was carpe diem, or “seize the day.”  Jeremy was kind, intelligent, and, his friends believe, genuine.  It is for these reasons that his parents created this perpetual scholarship for artistic students.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduating seniors of any Vanderburgh County high school who have completed a minimum of three full years of high school art classes and plan to enroll in art training at a college/university, vocational school, summer school/camp, or private lessons to be used for tuition, fees, or books.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on the applicant’s grade point average from his or her high school art classes, the number of art classes taken, and participation in juried or competitive shows resulting in recognition/awards.  No school or community activities or work history unrelated to art will be considered.  No school nomination or endorsement of an applicant is allowed.

Supplemental Requirements

  • Essay describing artistic abilities and how they will be used in the future.
  • Official grade transcript.

Award Amount


Application Deadline

February 20, 2021

Application Access Code


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