Legacy Society

The Community Foundation established the Legacy Society to recognize individuals and couples who have made provisions in their estate plans to provide a gift to the Community Foundation for the benefit of their community.

These gifts take the form of bequests by naming the Community Foundation not only in a will or trust, but also in a charitable remainder trust, gifts of life insurance, or any other type of charitable planned gift.

Who should join the Legacy Society?

For people who want to create a legacy beyond their lifetime, the Legacy Society ensures donors that their charitable dollars are used in the way they intended.  If you have made arrangements in your will, trust, or other deferred gift mechanism to make a gift to the Community Foundation, you are already eligible to be a member of the Legacy Society.

What are the benefits of joining the Legacy Society?

Being a member of the Legacy Society gives you the opportunity to belong to a select group of like-minded people who are committed to support the needs of our communities. Other benefits include:

  • Recognition annually at a special event honoring you for your gift during your lifetime.
  • The guidance of our professional staff to help you with your estate and gift planning.
  • A personalized giving plan, as detailed or general as you’d like, to ensure your philanthropy will be meaningful to you.

How does the Legacy Society work?

  • Establish – Donors can include a gift to the Community Foundation in their will or trust, establishing a bequest.
  • Notify – Donors notify the Community Foundation of their plans and automatically become members of the Legacy Society.
  • Join – Donors join the network of other Legacy Society members and receive special recognition.

Planned Giving Statement of Intent

Legacy Society Members