Spencer Grants at Work

Dale Presbyterian Church/Summer Community Adventures

The grants from the Spencer County Community Foundation have allowed the Dale Presbyterian Church and Summer Community Adventures to accommodate the community in various ways. The Dale Presbyterian Church was able to provide weekly meals to the under-privileged, elderly residents of Dale, and bags of non-perishable food to children who attend these meetings. Supplies such as chairs, kitchen utensils, games for children, and Christmas presents for children who attend these meetings, were also provided by Dale Presbyterian Church. This grant also helped the organization and transition from the basement of the Dale Presbyterian Church to the Micah Center

Summer Community Adventures was able provide a summer camp for under-served children of Dale, and increase the enrollment from 40 to 65 kids. Summer Community Adventures provided meals and take home bags of non-perishable food for the children. They took field trips which helped engaged children in stimulating activities in art, music, science, culture, physical education, and spiritual growth. Children were taught about civic duties and responsibilities and the importance of philanthropy. At the end of the program children were given school supplies including; book bags, pencils, and journals.

Spencer County CASA

The grants from the Spencer County Community Foundation have allowed Spencer County CASA to grow their advocates and help further develop their program. Spencer County CASA held three training sessions and gained 17 new advocates through training sessions. Guest speakers from multiple agencies throughout the county were brought in, Including: Spencer County Drug Court, Spencer County Sheriff’s Department, The Way, Rain Tree Counseling, Southern Hills Counseling Center, Youth Villages, Ireland Home Based Services, Foster Care Specialist, and the Educational Liaison through the Department of Child Services. Grant money allowed advocates to attend the CASA State Conference in Indianapolis, and in 2014 Spencer County CASA did not have anyone that quit the program. Spencer County CASA is closing the year with 21 advocates, and those advocates have served 45 abused and neglected children in 2014.

Spencer County Council of Aging

Over the past few years Spencer County Council of Aging has received approximately $17,000 in grant money from the Spencer County Community Foundation. Spencer County Council of Aging has used these funds in various ways. Emily Neighbors the director of the Spencer County Council of Aging has said, “Without the help of the Spencer County Community Foundation, our organization would be hard pressed to continue operations financially”. With the grant money that Spencer County Council of Aging received they were able to start a homemaker program and purchase office equipment. They also were able to use match money for a new van, vehicle maintenance, and repair.