Sponsorship Program

Community nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive sponsorship from the Spencer County Community Foundation’s Community Good Grants Committee or Women’s Fund Committee. As the Community Foundation is committed to addressing issues of disparity, we prioritize events that engage our diverse communities in promoting equity.

Your written sponsorship requests will be accepted on an ongoing basis. We encourage interested organizations to apply for the sponsorship award at least two months in advance to allow for application review and processing. Please keep in mind applications are reviewed once a month at the beginning of each month.  Applicants will be notified of sponsorship awards by the third week after the review has been completed.

We ask you to address all of the following in your written request:

  • Name of event or program, and town or city where event or program or project will be held.
  • Date of the event or program or project and venue.
  • Brief description of event or program or project.
  • Who is your primary audience? How many people do you expect to attend or participate?
  • Deadline for securing sponsors.
  • Amount of sponsorship request.
  • If you have sponsorship levels, please include them.
  • Please list how the Foundation will be publicly recognized as a sponsor of the event or program/project.

Submit your written request to the Spencer County Community Foundation.