The Martin Family Community Fund

Shortly after they transferred to Newburgh, Colleen and Dennis Martin set down roots and started a family. Daughters Maureen and Claire learned early in life from their parents to get involved and participate in many community activities. “Colleen has been my mentor for charitable giving,” said Dennis. “She is involved in many volunteer activities and is very giving. She is a good example to our girls, and to me.”

Both Colleen and Dennis are now retired but still want to support programs that positively affect others in our community. Despite having more time to volunteer in community efforts, they see financial support as an important part too.


Joining the Warrick County Community Foundation Board of Trustees in July of 2007, Colleen discovered the ease of establishing an endowed fund. “I don’t want to wait until I’m dead to do something with my money. I’d rather see how it helps others right now, before I’m gone.” Explained Colleen, “We are not wealthy people, but we have lived comfortably in this community where our children have grown up and had great experiences with their activities and education.  Even though we are originally from New York, Newburgh is home to us, and we feel it is important to give back to the community that has given so much opportunity to us.”

The Martin Family Community Fund is a donor-advised fund established at the beginning of 2008 to support a variety of programs the Martins choose each year. “We like the fact that our family can discuss where the greatest needs are in Warrick County and decide as a family what we would like to support. We feel this is a great way to teach young people about philanthropy.” Colleen added, “Knowing that each of us can make a difference today, and leaving a legacy for the future, is very rewarding.”