The Jay E. Myers Unrestricted Fund

Jay Myers was a Washington, Indiana, banker who was fueled by challenges.  Word and action were his mantra.  It’s not surprising then, that 20 years ago when the idea of a community foundation was only beginning to take hold across Indiana, Jay was part of it.  He worked with leaders in Daviess County to make sure the community would always have the permanent benefits of endowed funds.  Since then, generations of Daviess County residents in the 20 year history of the foundation have experienced the benefits of our growing family of funds.  But, that’s only the beginning when you think that the power of endowed funds with the community foundation is forever.

Shortly before Jay’s death, the Board of Directors of United Southwest Bank of Washington commented about how Jay Myers had impacted life in Daviess County.  They said, “Jay’s positive influence on the people and institutions will exist forever in both thought and deed.”  These are very fitting words for Jay’s legacy of endowments in the community foundation.  From providing nearly $950,000 in grants from agency and designated funds for the local YMCA to operate and make improvements, to supporting police and fire equipment improvements, to community foundation scholarships from unrestricted funds, the list goes on and on.  As time passes and the number who knew Jay Myers dwindles, the words future generations will read at the memorial honoring Jay’s life on Main Street in Washington will be an inspiration.  But like Jay, word isn’t enough without action.  The power of endowed funds established by Jay Myers is stronger than mere words.  They are his forever helping hands for Daviess County.