Noland and Elizabeth McClure

Noland and Elizabeth McClure spent most of their lives in small towns in southwestern Indiana. Knox County claimed the couple as residents throughout their adult lives, and it was probably their love of the area that motivated them to work hard, invest wisely, and live frugally so that they could benefit the community that had been a source of happiness for so many years.

Noland McClure passed away in 1993, followed by Elizabeth in November 2001, but they will long be remembered for their generosity in Knox County. Throughout the years, the couple gave millions of dollars to numerous organizations, including a substantial donation that helped restore the St. Francis Xavier Building in Vincennes.

The Christian Education Foundation of Vincennes was the charity closest to Mrs. McClure’s heart. The CEF was formed in 1971 by a group of local people who wanted to ensure that Catholic schools in Vincennes could be kept in operation in financially good times and bad. She believed in the Foundation’s mission so much that she joined its board of directors and spent countless hours furthering its goals.

In 1995, Mrs. McClure worked with other members of the board to help the CEF create an endowed fund with the Knox County Community Foundation. This endowed fund—the Christian Education Foundation of Vincennes Fund—provides yearly income to the CEF while the Community Foundation Alliance manages the administrative aspects of the fund, freeing the agency from those responsibilities.

Mrs. McClure’s devotion to the CEF was proven once again after her death, when it was learned that she bequeathed in her will nearly $400,000 to benefit the CEF. Her will stipulated half of this gift would be made directly to the Christian Education Foundation of Vincennes Fund with the Knox County Community Foundation.

According to her nephew, Walter Rinderle, Mrs. McClure had been a lifelong advocate of the Lilly Endowment’s efforts to promote philanthropy and volunteerism, among its other initiatives. “She so appreciated the efforts of Lilly Endowment to improve the quality of life in Indiana, especially through education,” said Rinderle. “She knew that Lilly Endowment had done much to support community foundations in Indiana and so decided to leave part of her estate to the Knox County Community Foundation.”

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