About Us

Advisory Board

The Women’s Fund Advisory Board is a diverse group of women with a common passion for our community and the desire to improve the lives of all of its women and children.

Diana Wilderman
Candice Perry

Helen Christian

New Members
Jan Davies
Lori Sieboldt, MD
Donita Wolf
Susy Hall

Continuing Members
Angela Freel
Lori Goris
Caron Leader
Mary-Beth Owen
Michelle Smith
Niki Traylor
JoAnn Weber-Drennen

Departing Members
Tonya Borders
Karen Bosler
Allison Comstock
Michele N. Malitz
Carol Pace

Our Founders

Our Founders are women who have believed in the vision of the Women’s Fund of Vanderburgh from its inception. They were tenacious in their belief that not only was there a critical need for a resource devoted to women and children but that the women of Vanderburgh County were more than up for the task of creating and sustaining it. They were right! We are forever grateful for their diligence, generosity, intelligence, and devotion.

Allison Comstock
Jan Davies
Barbara Dicken
Karen Ellerbrook
Cindy Fine
Jingle Hagey
Lisa Jones
Lynn Miller-Pease
Lu Porter
Kristen Tucker