Become a Member

Since our inception in 2007, the initial goal of the Women’s Fund of Vanderburgh County was to bring together 100 women as members. The result in our first year was 185 women who participated and supported the Women’s Fund in some way. Today, we have far surpassed our initial membership goals, and our membership continues to grow.

Becoming a member is easy. You can become a member using two methods:

  1. Donate securely online by clicking the Donate button above, and select ‘Women’s Fund of Vanderburgh County’ from the fund drop-down menu, or simply type in ‘Women’s Fund’ to the fund name field. If submitting a group members, include group/member names in the ‘Comment’ section.
  2. Complete the 2020 Women’s Fund Membership Form and mail along with your check directly to the Women’s Fund of Vanderburgh County, PO Box 657, Evansville, IN, 47704.

Secure your membership by June 30 and attend our annual meeting the following November. At the annual meeting, organizations identified as finalists by the Women’s Fund grants committee will give a brief presentation to members, who then cast their votes. Recipients are identified that night.

Full Membership
Women who contribute $1,000 (or more) are Full Members, and will have the opportunity to cast their own single vote at the annual meeting for the final grant recipients.

Group Membership
Women who join with other women to pool their resources may participate in a Group Membership. Groups may consist of up to 10 members for a total contribution of $1,000 (i.e. 2/$500; 4/$250; 5/$200; 8/$125; 10/$100). Together, the group will have one vote for the final grant recipients.

The group must identify a Group Leader who will be responsible for collecting and submitting the individual gifts of the group and for casting the group’s vote at the annual meeting.