Community Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications

(Warrick County, Indiana)  This year, donors to the Warrick County Community Foundation are again making scholarship awards available through the Foundation’s Community Scholarship Program.

“Many foundation donors have honored their loved ones, high schools, or professions by endowing scholarship opportunities through the Foundation,” says Sidney Hardgrave, the Foundation’s Regional Director of Community Engagement and Impact. “We administer separate scholarship funds established by individuals, families, and organizations to assist local students in pursuit of advanced education. Together, these scholarships make up our Community Scholarship Program.”

Students may apply for one or more scholarships, as long as they meet the specific eligibility requirements. Details about each scholarship and the application can be found on the Foundation’s website at the Scholarship Opportunities page.

Eligibility requirements and selection criteria are determined by donors and are posted on the website. Each scholarship is unique and supports students with a variety of backgrounds, educational goals, and economic statuses. Awards are made without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin and are based on a competitive process which may consider academic achievement, extracurricular activities, personal aspirations, educational goals, and financial need.

The Foundation offers the following tips to help students complete their applications:

  1. Begin working on the application early.
  2. Search for scholarships that match your unique interests and hobbies.
  3. Take the time to write required essays. It’s worth the extra effort.
  4. Follow all instructions carefully and make sure you are submitting all the required parts (including letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.).
  5. Ask a teacher, parent or friend to read your application and essays for any mistakes that you may have missed.
  6. Check and double-check your application before submitting

Applications must be submitted online. Please read through the How to Apply page on the site for instructions. The deadline is 12:00 midnight on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

For further information or assistance, contact
Sidney Hardgrave, Regional Director of Community Engagement and Impact  |  812.422.1245