Established in 1998, the Warrick County Community Foundation is one of nearly 700 community foundations in the United States today.  We serve Warrick County, offering people a variety of ways to achieve their goals for this community through charitable giving.

The Warrick County Community Foundation is comprised of a collection of endowed assets totaling more than  $7,427,927 held in named funds that support a variety of causes in our county. Created by caring local donors, these funds are invested to generate earnings that are distributed to deserving organizations and students in the form of grants and scholarships annually. The Community Foundation currently administers over 103 funds. These funds allowed for grants and scholarships of over $155,201 during our most recent fiscal year.

Our Alliance Affiliation

We are part of the Community Foundation Alliance, a network of nine community foundations serving counties in southwestern Indiana.  The Alliance provides management and administrative expertise to county-wide community foundations, empowering each to promote philanthropy, build endowment and improve wellbeing in our local communities.

Alliance activities are guided by a board of trustees made up of community leaders representing each foundation.  All are civic-minded volunteers who live or work in the counties they serve.

As part of the Community Foundation Alliance, our Community Foundation gains added…

Financial advantage

Strength and stability

Knowledge and expertise